Well folk! a fun evening it was.  We were led through the evening  by our highly competent toastmaster for the evening, the one and only Manoj.  He took us through the evening energetically abd enthusiastically.
Natasha gave us a hot tip to think about “laughter is the shortest distance between two people”.  She was clear and articulate, and well spoken with her message.
Uta was first up with her speech.   Her speech was clear to follow, she made good use of signage.   She told us clearly what her speech was about and took us on a logical path on how make sure we stay good to our new years resolution, so remember all! when you make that new years resolution, set your objectives, make a plan, and review it often.  Stick to these simple rules and we will go far.  I’m glad Uta’s aiming for her Competant Communicator by June of next year, and we will all be supporting her, on her journey.
Chris was next up with a speech called “You must be joking!”.  He was brave enough to share with us his very personal journey into Stand up Comedy.  We were all with him in the spot light, as he surveyed the people in the audience on his very first outing into standup comedy.  Chris has his audience engaged from start to finish.  His persona is friendly, approachable, and he exudes a sense of warmth about his character.  Well done to Chris who won best speaker of the evening.
Serena took us on her journey to work with us. Serena was really in control of her speech.  She was confident and relaxed, and really in her element.  We picked up on her energy and enthusiasm.   It was a long rushed hectic day for Serena on her travels to work, but I am glad she took time out at the end of the day to visit the museum, and made sure she enjoyed herself.  A good point for us all to take on board (all work no play can make Jack a dull boy).

All the evaluations we had on this evening were of high quality.  They had meaning and were very genuine and helpful to each of our speakers, so well done to Rich, Steve J, and Jon.  Well done to Richard for winning best evaluator for the evening.

Milen, was on the ball throughout the evening, holding no prisoners on the time front!!

Chris Howell hosted us expertly through the table topics.  His energy and presence radiated through the room as he took the stage.

Well done to Lucinda for winning best table topic. 

Katy was our grammarian with the word “Gigantic”  for the evening, and by jove a lot of people used the word throughout the evening.

Julie came to stage, and commanded it with confidence.  Her evaluations were both fair, and informative for her participants.

  We were all impressed with Chris Howell’s award for outstanding contribution to Toastmasters, for playing such a critical role for facilitating negotiations for the recent rearrangement of club groupings within the UK.  David Cameron, watch out, we have a new president in our mist me thinks!!

It was pleasing to hear our guests had enjoyed themselves, and let hope we see Brandon as a member in the new year, we would certainly be very happy to receive a member to our club.

Meanwhile, a very warm welcome to both Lucinda and Asiimwewho have now become members of Lewisham Speakers!! Welcome aboard to both of you.


Well that just leaves me to cover our business section, and the main events coming up on our calendar
·         Wednesday 19th December, our Christmas meeting.  Be sure to dress up in anything Christmassy, and bring some food and goodies for our extended break. Toastmasters with a Christmas theme!!  Bring yyour friends, guests welcome.

·         Thursday 13th December, Humerous Workshop, to take place at Julie’s house, for more information contact Julie to reserve your seat.  Scheduled for a 7.00pm start.

·        Wednesday 9th January 2013 is our next Committee Meeting, so a diary note, save the date for Committee members diaries.

·         Committee members training is scheduled to take place in January, and I will update committee members, on the exact time and date, as soon as this is available.

That’s it for now folk, looking forward to seeing for our Christmas session on the 19th.




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