Hope this email finds you in good form, and looking forward to seeing you at our next TM meeting on the 21stNovember!!! At our last meeting, Steve was our Toastmaster for the evening, and took charge of the evening from the outset.

After some minor jiggling of the agenda Richard had us under starters orders, and yes we were then off out of the starting blocks.

Phillip cantered us through the warm up “what was our first thought, when we found out Barrack Obama had renewed his presidency”.  Explaining the role well, and holding no prisoners (if we went over time we knew about it!)

Katy reminded us of the need to make sure that we all respond promptly by email to assist Manoj in managing the almighty task managing the agenda for each meeting, and we should all make sure that we assist Manoj, by making sure we respond promptly to Manoj’s emails regarding roles.

Lucinda showed her true versatility of stepping in at short notice to be our timer for the evening, we were all impressed by her standard of clear and consise delivery. 

We were all pleased to welcome Milen to our club as a new member.  Welcome to Milen!!

Ali was unable to make the meeting, but he is a new member too, so two new members to our club!!  

Chris had clearly been listening very well throughout the evening, as he delivered his very thorough and extensive report as grammarian.  

Katy gave her Tip of the Day “What gets measured gets done!” 

Outa, gave us a very interesting speech on the European Union, and her views on it winning the Global peace prize.  A clear, well paced speech which we could follow from start to finish.  Her speech was well timed, thought prevoking, and particularly poignant with armistice day coming up.  We learnt that the European Union had been granted the Nobel Peace prize.  It made me think, yes if the creation of the European Union  established just after the second world war, and its aim amongst other things was to bring peace to member states, and bring  member states close together, then after nearly 70 years of peace in Europe, then on the face of it, it has certainly achieved its aim.

Natasha took us on a journey, of office life.  A well chosen and appropriate subject which we could all identify with, and judging by the giggles coming from the audience we could all identify with some of the characters she was describing!

Richard gave us a very personal speech about how he had been inspired by Julie on his journey of developing his public speaking. 

After the break we were all entertained by a different style of table topics introduced to us by Julie.  She motivated and inspired us all to be more daring and inspiring in our off the cuff stories, so that the second time we did it, it was even  more fun.  The meeting finished on time.  Can’t wait for our next meeting on the 21stNovember! Hope to see you there.

That just leaves me with the business section.  The main points of which were:-

1.Next Story Telling Workshop on the27th November to take place at Meridan Speakers. Commencing time 8.00pm, or come early and join in with Meridian Speakers Toastmaster evening.  They will be starting at 7.00pm.  They are located in the Spanish Galleon pub which is located next to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Address:- 48  Greenwich Church St, London, SE10 9BL.

2.For those interested in the Youth Leadership programme, there is a Youth Leadership Programme Coaching session on the 28thNovember.  The session will take place on Wednesday 28 November 2012at Ernst & Young,1 More London Place, SE1 2AF. Registration from 7pm. The event will run from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

You will hear from Toastmasters who have already coordinated a programme, receive advice on how to set up and a briefing on how to use the contents of the programme to maximum effect. There will also be a Question and Answer session too for more interest contact Katy on:- katywoolcott@hotmail.com

3. Hope your looking forward to Christmas, our last meeting of the year will be  on the 19thDecember.  We will have an extended break to celebrate the end of 2012, so members are asked to bring some goodies (food)to celebrate!!!

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