10thOctober Story Telling Workshop Evening Number 2.

Another successful workshop evening took place this Wednesday.   This time we were on home ground at Lewisham Methodist Church.  We had a great turn out. 
Highly cosmopolitan! we had members from Lewisham Speakers, Citi Criers, Bromley, Meridian, and  Croydon Communicators, and London Trustmasters.  This coupled with a well organised meeting made for a productive and thoroughly enjoyable session. 
The evening was led by Julie, but she had come prepared with her assistants at hand too.  Richard took us on a journey on how we can come up with ideas for a story.  He introduced us to timelines.  A way of reflecting on our own life’s experiences in a way that stimulates our thought process to come up with ideas for our stories. No more climbing the walls trying to think of ideas!!

Flavia then took us through the composition of what makes for a good story.  We need a beginning; we need a climax, conflict, and an end.  She gave us good examples to illustrate her points.

Nobody was going to be left out; we all had the opportunity to speak and give impromptu stories, and to learn more about what makes for an interesting story.  We all agreed that the more personal a story is the more appealing it appears to be.

I am now looking forward to our next Story Telling Workshop to be held at Meridian Speakers.  I looking forward to it and hope to see you there too.  The more the merrier!!

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