11th July at Officer Training

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Julie, Katy, Philip, Zandria, Vivienne, Dave presents at Area training for Club Committee members.

A suggested by Peter, Area Governor, we discussed between us about Membership, and took some decisions on the spot.

  • We decided to welcome all Toastmaster Members from August with Name Badges, and to give a Name etiquette also to our guests. We decided to put again at the entrance a new Guests Book.  
  • To follow up on our member’s goals then help each achieve it. 
  • Contact them less often by email, but more by phone.
  • We will not only welcome, as ususal, but also introduce our guests 
  • We will introduce new members to all the meeting after they join, ‘induct’ them.
  • We will celebrate Achievements of each toastmaster as soon as possible.

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