1st August Lewisham Toastmaster’s “Summer Holidays”

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Well what an evening we had!  Summer Holidays a great theme for the evening, and it certainly took me on a journey back to those long summer school holiday, those were the days!!

Richard was our Sergeant at Arms for the evening.  He was cool calm and collected, he was trying out a new style this evening, and I liked it.

Katy our president reminded us of the need to set ourself goals, so we are continually pushing ourselves, and to make sure we fill our manuals in so that we get the best out of our experiences at Lewisham Speakers.  Also important to make sure we support Manoj when he is setting the agenda by responding promptly to him, as he has the almighty task of organising the agenda for the evening, so we get the best out of it.

Serena took on the role of toastmaster for the evening for the first time, and didn’t she do well. Her usual warm charm led us through the evening, so well done to Serena for pushing yourself and reaching new heights.

Julie undertook the warm up well, and raised the energy of the evening by reminding us to show our support for each other, and clap.

Natasha took up the mantle of time keeper for the evening, a role she took to like a duck to water.  Absolutely no problems there, she was clear and articulate in all her reporting.

Dee, what an excellent speech, such passion in her voice.  She spoke with real meaning.  She achieved this with her voice, vocal variety, eye contact and body language, and boy did she really make me think.  Just thinking that my actions and conduct could effect the directions of some one just making it out in life.  I know she is so right too, such an important message. Lets make sure that we make sure we push everybody the right way over the line between success and failure.  As Chris rightly pointed out if the thin blue line was related to property prices then Dee would be well over the line in Kensington!!!  A pleasure to listen to, a captivating speech.

We all liked Flavia’s entertaining speech which took us on a journey back to her school days.  Flavia had an energy about her, as she did her speech.  I could see the twinkling in her eyes of a 12 year old as she described Janice and her long flowing hair .  There was a moment on stage where Janice was really present in the room.   Great body language and the  imagery of her dressed up as Jimmy Savile made us all laugh. Good old Mrs Pearl for listening, to Flavia and supporting her.  Having regards to Dee’s speech we need more of these teachers that inspire children.  Well done Flavia for winning best speech of the evening.  I think it fair to say Flavia well and truelly entertained us.

Manoj gave us an informative speech. He speaks with authority and firmness, a style that is quite presidential.  He achieves this with a voice that has good volume, coupled with good body language.  This in turn gives his speech more credibility.  His speech was simple in its message.  By investing time in our children, teaching them the lessons of life. Teaching them basic principles:- no pain no gain, you have to earn your money, and teaching them about financial boundaries, and also to preserve the resources that they have.  By developing a responsible culture in our youth we will ultimately lead to a more responsible nation, which manages its debts more responsibly.   A clear and informative message for us all to think about.

Richard gave us a humerous speech, and as
Steve rightly pointed out the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Yes there were plenty of laughs coming from the audience which meant Richard certainly achieved his purpose.  His attempts at texting, the need for a large screen, and troubles and dramas of predictive texting were hilarious, as he acted them out on the stage. We were laughing because he was using material from everyday life that we could all identify with. He communicated in a way that put himself on our level with him.  A well crafted humerous speech.

We had some good constructive feedback from our Evaluators.  Chris reminded us how we use flip charts to add focus to our points in a speech.  He delivered his evaluation with energy, clear, articulate, and well thought out and composed. Well done to Chris who won best evaluator of the evening Stevereminded us that if we our competing in toastmasters we must always use correct grammar, and resist the temptation to use words not in the dictionary!! A natural comedian he kept us entertained, whilst still delivering a meaningful and constructive evaluation, which added to the positive vibe throughout the evening.

Chris in his evaluation used good sign posting techniques.   He told us how he was going to go about his evaluation, and used the trusted technique of commendation, recommendation commendation, which meant he delivered a competent and constructive evaluation.

Beverley had a very natural warm presence on the stage, and she highlighted to us the importance of comedy and drama and how they contribute to the value of the speech, and the importance that good eye contact has too.


Had prepared well for her role, clear evidenced by all the photographs she had bought in.  She was clear, articulate, with clear focus on her role.

Julie used good body language and humour in delivering her table topic response on tall ships. Julie also did well to double up as General Evaluator for the evening too.  Great at multitasking which is always challenging but shows the true flexibility of a seasoned toastmaster.

Natasha very composed, methodical and articulate, and engaging in her response, when she took us to her favourite spot in New Zealand where she would like to drift too.

Beverley charmed us with her humour, warmth and honesty in her table topic response.  Her budget is going to stretch to see a Panoramic View!!

Chris  Took us on his journey of staying at home. Good use of stage as he described the London Tube map, as he goes about extending his knowledge of London.

Chris H.Brought energy and presence to the stage.  Good body language, and he moved with purpose on the stage.  He had a good summary too, which concluded with a simple message green fields and camping are no longer for him!!


We all welcomed Uta our new member to the club, and she certainly held the stage in her table topic with a cool confidence, and we certainly know that long lunches were certainly not for her!!

Dee took to the stage, with real presence, as she took us on our day out with her at Brighton beach.

Well done to Chris, Dee and  Natalie for all winning jointly best table topic, and to all those who took part.



Katy reminded everyone that it was that time of year again, where we all have to raid our piggy banks, as subscriptions are now due from nearly all our members:- 65 pounds for 6 months and 110 pounds for 12 months.  Cheques made payable to “Lewisham Speakers Club!” and passed to Steve J at your earliest convenience.


This is due to take place on the 19thSeptember 2012 and exciting opportunity to challenge our skills. Let me know if you would like to enter the competition. Details to follow shortly.

That’s it for now, but look forward to seeing you at our next toastmaster session on the


Just a reminder to Committee Members that our next Committee Meeting is on the 22nd August Commencing 7.30pm for a 9.00pm finish, my house.

That’s it all look forward to seeing you all again on the 15th August for another exciting evening.

Kind regards


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