21 Decembre meeting with “Hot Chocolat and mince pies!”

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Lewisham TM 21 Dec_0011Toastmaster Manoj has conducted smooth our festive, end of year meeting, and many of us has put Santa hats as he asked us.

We had the visit our Assistant Area Governor Dave L., and Division Governor Richard M.. who were the first time in our venue, and liked it a lot, compared to other places we have been before. They also had the occasion to see how well our clubs develops, and indeed Richard did tell us so.

  • First speech Katy, very well evaluated by Jon, Katy was voted the “best speaker” at the end!

    Lewisham TM 21 Dec_0006

    • .Philip gave a funny speech using the prising of Santa, and was well evaluated by Zhanna
    • Julie, spoke about her year in the search of her “comic bones” and was evaluated by Richard

    Richard was voted the best Evaluator. What a great body language and confident speaker he had become!
    Lewisham TM 21 Dec_0016

        Table Topic master Steve J proved that he is indeed a funny and good speaker too, and choose also very appropriate subjects for the season to which all asked could answer, mostly with fun.
        Lewisham TM 21 Dec_0021

          We are looking forward to his next speech and roles.
          Many other new and old Toastmasters had important roles very well performed!

          Windy gave us a great warm-up, appropriate for the season.
          Rosie kept us in time, even with three envelopes instead of lights.
          Beverley was not only our Ah counter but also stepped in as Sergeant of arms in last minute.
          Michael gave us a great “word of day” and listened, and evaluated our use of language.
          Chris gave us a masterclass in how to evaluate while he evaluated all Table topic speakers.
          Lewisham TM 21 Dec_0028
          While evaluating, he showed how each had did and taught all of us something new too.

          At the end, Steve R evaluated all the meeting and everyone who was not yet evaluated.
          Dee, we hope soon a member, won (for the second time) the Best Table Topic speaker award!

          Three guests come to our club yesterday and celebrated our end of year with us 
          with finished with hot chocolate and mince pies and even a bit of music!
          It was indeed a great end of year for our Lewisham Speakers club

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