4th April Intl TM Speech and Evaluation Contest

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It was a great night for our club! Here our Contest Chair Steve R. asks questions from the contestants  

Lucas, Katy, Richard, Manoj, Serena and Flavia.

Contestants & Contest Chair
International Speech Contestants were:  Flavia, Katy, Manoj, Richard.

All gave us great speeches!

After the break, “mystery speaker” Jenny, President of Bromley Speakers, gave us a very entertaining and heartbreaking personal story that we all enjoyed. Then all six contestant Evaluated her speech.

Jenny Mistery Speaker

Many of us have other roles to help the contest go smooth and well. Thanks for all! Each time we have a contest, all of us grow and learn! And all the contestant are winners: they learned and progressed a lot!

The International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest Lewisham Speakers 2012 was won by Richard.G, in middle here.

Richard between Contest Chair & Chief Judge
Contest Chair Steve R. 1st Price Richard G. & Chief Judge Dave L.

Katy won the Second place of the speech contest.

And here it is! Chief juge presenting Katy her 2nd place certificate

 Flavia Toastmaster for less then a year, won the Third place!

Richard will represent our club in the Area Contest which also takes place in our place at Lewisham Speakers club the 21 April.afternoon from 2 pm.

Slideshow of the images taken on the spot, as it was and also treated in Picassa.

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