6th June 7.30 Training event!

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Our workshop leader, Ken Rea, has made a striking difference already to more than 2,000 people in business and industry, right up to CEO level. He started out in advertising, making TV commercials New Zealand, he later turned to theatre, and an actor, director and teacher.

Today he runs his own company, Koru Theatre and has trained, at the renowed Guildhall School of Music & Drama, some of Britain’s leading actors and film stars including Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes, Orlando Bloom, and Danial Craig. He has also chaired numerous European conferences. He was given many presentations as speaker, sometimes to thousands.

Crikey, I think this is going to be a good learning opportunity for us all.


After workshop members wrote:

Chris: “‘The thing that stood out for me was that it’s important (if not) essential to understand that you are making presentation for your audience, not for yourself.  You are but a vessel for your message.  We’ve all heard these talks which are all about the speaker or all about the subject and these sometimes don’t work because they’re not as engaging as they could have been.  Connecting a talk to ‘you’, as in the audience, is a great way to make something engaging and interesting.'”

Katy: “I learned more about my body posture, and the message that it is sending out, and how to adapt it better to send out the right message I want to send. 

Also I thought the use of low and high status postures was interesting, and how to mix and match these status’s dependant on the situation you are in.  In the workshop I became very aware of when people were using “low status” how it made me feel.  That was an enlightening experience in itself after all it was the same person I was speaking to, but they were adopting different styles, but my senses towards them dependant on their style was very different.  The “low status” I felt very protective towards and not so much towards “high status”.  Another workshop in itself  I believe !!!  

Steve J. I learnt to always stand on the Left Hand Side when giving a presentation using power-point / slides etc. As people naturally view from left to right, but should I ever learn Chinese then I will have to reverse things.”

Windy: “The workshop was eye-opening. A lot of small practical tips and
practices surely help me to understand more on how to be a better
public speaker. We learned that a public speaking should be a balance
of emotional and intellectual aspects. Thanks to you and to Toastmasters.”

Julie “Speak about something you care and with passion
To grow we have to risk and get a bit out of our comfort zone
Slow movement and slow complete sentences convey confidence
Do not move without reason, if not sign of nervousness but also:

Finish last or before last word in every sentence on a high energy level
When you do not tense your knees then you will be more grounded

All those from our free offered workshop for our Toastmaster Members (the Area took the charge)


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