7 December meeting at Lewisham Methodist Church

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It may have been cold outside but inside at Lewisham Speakers, our President, Julie Kertesz, gave a warm welcome to the guests at the meeting and in particular, Ewan Wong our visiting General Evaluator. Our Toastmaster for the evening Zhanna Jarmyn introduced the theme for the session “The beginning of Winter – what do we like about winter?” As each speaker was introduced she read their response as to how they felt about Winter. Beverley Stephenson provided the tip of the day “Hope and faith can bring about change”.

Michael Jenga, gave a poignant speech with the opening line “All men are created equal” taken from the American Declaration of Independence. He expanded pointing out that human rights and responsibility go hand-in-hand and the importance of community building.

Manoj Sivaraman’s speech entitled “Who got the Monkey” enlightened us in the ways a manager can empower a his team and also the importance of parents empowering their children in decision-making.

Richard Green gave an advanced humorous speech in which he spoke about’ Words that change your World’. Through his speech he made us realise that “Dreams become reality if you take action” and reinforced this thought with a quote from Michael Jordon “I can accept failure, I can never accept not trying”.

All three speeches were were very interesting and thought provoking. However, Richard was awarded “Best speech”.

After a recess we returned for the Table Topics session, led by Lucas Krejci. This was Lucas’ first time as Table Topics leader and he did a commendable job and Flavia won best table topic. Windy Johan acted as timekeeper for the first time and made us all laugh as he playfully rang the bell in an attempt to keep us to time.

Reminder: Storytelling workshop : 14 December, led by Julie Kertesz and Steve Roberts

Flavia Gordon

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