7 September : Memorable Meeting

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We had a fun and interesting meeting on 7 September. It will remain in everyone’s memory also as the evening when 4 guests joined our club and became our Newest Members, all the same evening.

Rosie, Beverley, Lucas and Marcella,

Steve conducted the meeting with swift pace, so this time we finished, well, almost, in time. He mastered the meeting and gave very specific introductions to all.

Serena, asked us for warm up which inspired us: we still have to learn to answer in 10 seconds… Flavia kept us in time, and even rang the bell at me (Julie) to indicate the end: she was right! Stephen and Jon, listened carefully to our Ahs and Grammar and best expressions.

Brian explained us in his speech “The email is ruining my day” different ways to avoid it, with a fun ending! One of course is to subscribe to this blog so you get … an email at each new post, or just come and visit from time to time.
Zhanna in her speech “Little Apples”, told us how Toastmasters changed her life in the last three years, and taught her to speak slower, be better understood and finally lead to publishing a book of her stories and even showed her the book!
Richard with this fascinating speech the “Finger of Fate”, a dramatic speech as the project called for, made us all hang on his words, wanting to know how he would get out of trouble.
All three speeches made us ponder and think about their main subject, even after the speeches. They were very well evaluated by Winston, Philip and Zandria. I remember well,  two great phrases from Zandria’s feedback that which stuck with me. She is becoming a great Evaluator! “His speech was even more dramatic as he told us in a contained manner” and “He was so there that he forgot we were here”.
Of course, it is all about a balance to “be in the moment” when you tell a story, and to remember that you are not acting but telling them to the audience. A balance we all learn and improve on with time. Personally, as listener, I was so much ‘there’ in the story, that did not realise how much the speaker did or did not look at each of us. That is the Evaluators role, observing details, specifics and helping to improve even our best speakers. We all can progress using their feedback.

At the break, while we got refreshments, most members also paid the yearly fees, it is great to get that also out of the way, and go forward. Plus, we got two new members, while two others joined after we finished the meeting. Welcome all!
After the break, we had a funny Table Topics, as Cheang, held an interrogation to find out “Who really killed Humpty Dumpty”. It was a fun Table Topics Session, even if it took a bit longer. Katrin gave us great evaluation of all answers, and Chris spoke about all the others, not yet evaluated, helping us to do even better next time. Julie closed with a short business meeting, with our Treasurer Jon and Sally speaking, and also a reminder of the coming Contest.
Richard got the Best Speaker holding the attention of the room,  
Philip the Best Evaluator award as he not only told but demonstrated his advices,  
Beverley the newest member, the Table Topics contest with a  humorous answer so well played out.
The Humorous and Table Topics Contest, next week, will also have the two usual parts, but instead of Evaluators the Judges will declare the winners, that go then to the Area Contest, meeting of 6 clubs the 1st of October in Croydon. More fun and learning for all!

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