Warm Up leader


Role:  Warm Up Leader

Task:  Briefly present a simple subject and ask each person in the room to talk about it for a short time (e.g. 15 seconds).

At Lewisham Speakers Club – one of our founding principles is that everyone who attends a meeting who wants to speak, should be given the opportunity to do so.

The role of the warm up is to “break the ice” and give everyone in the meeting to ease themselves into the evening.

The warm up leader will prepare a simple question,  that a member or guest should be able to answer in around 15 seconds.     The question should be fairly light,  and if possible related to the theme of the meeting,  or something of a general nature that everyone should be able to relate to.

During the warm up session in a Toastmasters meeting, the warm up leader will

  • Introduce themselves to the group
  • Explain the purpose of the warm up to the members and guests
  • Pose the question – reminding users that their responses should be no more than 15 seconds.
  • Encourage each attendee to introduce themselves to the rest of the audience,  and then provide their response to the question.
  • Direct the order of the speakers,  generally by working their way around the room in a natural order.
  • Thank the audience for their participation and hand over back to the Toastmaster

The warm up leader is a great role for newcomers to the club to start to build their facilitation skills,   and to develop their confidence being in front of an audience.