Club History

Born in November 2008, Lewisham Speakers Club was founded by Former Area Govenor Christopher Howell and the clubs first president Philip Landergan. The first meeting took place at Lochaber Hall, Manor Lane Terrace, Lewisham. Six months later the club achieved charter status in April 2009 (which means the club had more than 20 members at the time)

 Our first Home – Lochaber Hall, Manor Lane Terrace, Lewisham

When Christopher led the set up of the club, he had a philanthropic desire to give ‘something back’ and make a long lasting positive contribution to the community of Lewisham where he grew up.

And that it has! Lewisham Speakers is and has been a President’s Distinguished Club for the last 3 years and the club is home to 26+ members from different cultural and economic backgrounds. The common denominator that bonds all its members is that that every member feels that they are making substantial progress towards achieving even more than they had believed they could possibly achieve, so much so that they cannot help themselves, and have to tell everyone they care about with great enthusiasm.

Our founding fathers,  are still an active members of Lewisham Speakers and enjoy nothing more than to see people come along for their first time, so nervous of speaking, and then several months later to see them stand up and speak with wonderful confidence and a sparkle in their eyes.

How does this happen?

The Club offers a lot of support and encouragement for those people who lack confidence and find it emotionally challenging to stand up and speak. All new members are assigned a buddy who can help them with speech preparation, navigating D71 and generally ensuring all new members have a positive experience.