Meet our current Committee

Flavia Gordon

Flavia Gordon, PresidentI joined Lewisham Speakers in August 2011 as I wanted to improve my ability to memorise my written work.  Little did I know what Toastmasters really had to offer. Not only did I improve my ability to recall, I improved my listening, evaluation and storytelling skills.  I represented Area 59 at the District International Speech Contest, 2014 held in Dublin.  I am also looking forward to discovering what else Toastmasters has to offer and also, as President of Lewisham Speakers, how I can assist our new members.

Vice President Education
Lucinda Gray

Lucinda Gray, Vice PresidentLucinda joined Lewisham Speakers in December 2013 following feedback after an unsuccessful interview where the panel claimed she did not instill them with confidence that she would be able to present to Board executives. Since joining Toastmasters, her confidence has grown from strength to strength. She has completed her Competent communicator and competent leader manuals, taken part in several speech contests and has delivered workshops to over 300 people on how to be a better public speaker. The VPE role will be her 3rd successive year on the Lewisham speakers club committee.

Vice President Membership
Verna Duncan

Verna Duncan

I joined Toastmasters in April 2015 to enhance my public speaking skills to become an effective communicator. I am starting my own business which requires me to do a lot of presentations, networking and public speaking. The support and encouragement I get from toastmasters has given me the confidence to safely learn and develop without the fear of embarrassment. Working through the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals have enabled me to grow at a steady pace. I am enjoying the whole process of both working on the committee as well as being able to increase my communication skills in both my public and personal life.

Vice President Public Relations
Anne Barrett

Anne Barrett, VPPRI joined Lewisham Speakers at the beginning of 2015, after thinking about it for over a year and six months after joining the Meet Up group online. It was my New Year’s resolution to take the plunge and I haven’t looked back. My aim was to get over my fear of public speaking and I’m getting there – the first hurdles overcome within the first few meetings. It’s a wonderful, nurturing group where you learn to build on successes and hone your skills. As the VPPR I help to spread the word about Lewisham Speakers to entice potential new members to come along.

Max Troy-O’Donovan

Max Troy-Donovan, SecretaryI wasn’t sure about it the first time I came but I was won over quickly and now attend four clubs. I feel a lot more confident in front of an audience now than I did at the beginning and I’m learning a lot of other useful skills such as how to put a solid argument together to persuade people. The best thing about it for me is that you are learning a lot of skills together, for example writing, analysing, expressing yourself, or changing content for the audience you’re talking to.

Sergeant At Arms 
Paul McLean

Paul Mclean, Sergeat at Arms

Toastmasters has assisted me in many aspects of my professional and social/personal life. From conversations and presentations at work to socialising with friends and meeting new people (networking), toastmasters has given me greater confidence to express myself and to feel more comfortable and relaxed in what might have been awkward situations. As well as confidence, toastmasters has enhanced my listening, observation and feedback skills. As I work through my competent communications and competent leadership manuals, I hope to learn as I go and increase my communication skills in public and personal life.

John Casey

I joined Toastmasters in January 2013 in order to improve my communication and public speaking skills. The meetings are always enjoyable and continually rewarding. I have found that attendance becomes a virtuous cycle of practice, feedback and improvement and the more you put in, the more you get out.