Basic Training for Toastmasters

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The 25 October, 1928, Ralph Smedley copyrighted his Basic Training Manual. 

It had 12 projects that today become ten in the manual called CC.

Looking at his manual Edited in 1943, that I got, the Projects and even most of the words changed little. It did work then and it works still now. So many of us learned and got confidence from going through them.

Ralph Smedley opened the first Toastmasters meeting for young in YMCA in 1905, just as he came out of College, even if clubs for Adults were created later, then clubs in other countries (today 120), were formed later,. Till his death worked relentlessly to help build other clubs in different cities. In his books and manuals he uses the same “one to one” friendly manner he tells us to use in our speeches, a conversational style.

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