Can TV adverts tell us about Toastmasters?

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Having been off work unwell last week, I succumbed to the clutches of mind numbing TV. I still refuse to watch daytime TV but evenings – yes I admit I’ve been weak and unable to fight the system. L

For those of you who do watch TV, have you seen the advert for the new Nexus 7 the Google tablet? It features a little boy with braces who is scared to death at the thought of giving a presentation to his class. He googles ‘Glossophobia’ (fear of public speaking), finds a great historical speech from Winston Churchill, tries to model Churchill’s style, then smashes it in the classroom to the point where he scores major brownie points with a cute girl in the front row of his class causing another dilemma – how does he ask her out?

The Nexus 7 advert
Does the advert make me want to go buy the Nexus 7? Well inadvertently yes as it made me ‘go compare’ android tablets. Congratulations to the advertising agency! More importantly, does it paint a true picture of how you overcome a very real fear of using your tongue? (this is the literal translation of Glossophobia). In a way, yes it does. It shows that we learn fastest when:
·         We have a reason to have to learn – the pressure of an important event for example
·         We find a great mentor and model them
·         We practice – repetition is the key to learning.
This is what Toastmasters is all about people! For every single member, there was a reason they joined and it wasn’t because they just wanted to be good at a toastmasters club.
At Toastmasters there is access to so many great speakers, in your club, in your area, district etc. we are spoilt for choice in terms of mentors.
And finally we come to practice! Whether you give a speech or a time keeper report, you are dissipating that feeling of nausea, and panic that used to envelop you and render you powerless.
Don’t be a slave to Glossophobia. Get yourself down to Lewisham Toastmasters Club. Find the cure and break free of the chains. We can’t guarantee you will find the cute girl or boy in the front row though!

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