Closely fought contest in Lewisham Speakers Club International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest

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What an exciting and entertaining evening we had at the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest for Lewisham Speakers Club. Congratulations to Richard Green who won both competitions. He was pushed all the way with Flavia Gordon achieving a commendable second place in the speech contest and third place in the evaluation contest. Katy Woolcott gave an excellent speech evaluation resulting in her being placed second in the evaluation contest.

In the speech contest there were also excellent speeches delivered by Manoj Silvarman and Katy Woolcott, and in the evaluation contest there were excellent performances delivered by Serena Nelson, Lucas Kreci and Manoj Silvarman.

The evening was  supported by Toastmasters from clubs in the area and a big thank you goes to Jenny Taggart, Dave Longley and Ceilia and Cliff who performed some of the roles for the evening.

Steve Roberts

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