Collect stories, stories are “anchors” to your points.

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“Will you tell me a story?”

Ever notice children never ask you to give them a power point presentation? Why? We love stories and it is the heart of presentations. “Make a point, tell a story.”

 Stories are the “anchors” to our points.

Some stories may have multiple points buried in them, some more specific points.  

Stories are crucial to keeping our audience’s interest.

The stories that we tell over and over with friends and family are the same ones we would be should be telling from the stage. We know these stories so well and the reason we retell them when we are together is they are good and usually humorous too. The reason we sometimes take their power for granted is because we forget that our audience members will relate emotionally to “family” stories and characters.

Be on the look out and collect some this end of year!
From the blog of Darren LaCroix

8 Toastmasters from Lewisham speakers will tell their stories the 29th of February 7 30 pm
Come, and listen to the true and diverse stories that come out from our Storytelling workshop, and also to the interesting the feedbacks given to each of them.

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