Do we win or do we not win?

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 As Philip said to us, two years ago at the same Humorous Competition: ALL who participate win!

And here is what Darren Lacroix wrote about the winner of this year Speech Competition:

Congratulations to Jock Elliott, the 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking!

If you don’t know, Jock had made six appearances in the World Championship finals. Not only that, but they spanned over twenty years. That’s amazing! Now, there’s another incredible persistence story from the contest that rivals Jim Key’s victory after two consecutive second places. Jock updated a speech he used in the 1990‘s. It was well-done and his performance was hysterical and very conversational. The “take away” for me was what Jock said in his acceptance speech. It’s a powerful lesson for every competitor in any sport.

Jock said that if he had won this award five or 20 years ago, “I might have been a richer speaker, but not a better speaker.” I may not have the exact words right, but he also said, “Had I won sooner, I would not be the speaker or the man I am today.”
Wow. Great wisdom! There’s a reason for everything. If you have ever “not” won a speech contest, maybe there’s something you have yet to learn. I know I needed to grow up a bit after my loss in 1998. How about you?

It is still time to register for next Wednesday Competition in our club!

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