Advanced Speaking

Toastmasters Advanced Speech Manuals

After a Toastmasters club member has completed the 10 speeches in the basic manual and achieved the Competent Communicator (CC) certification, he/she may proceed to the AC (Advanced Communicator) levels. Presented below is a brief overview of each of the 15 Advanced Manuals. Two manuals must be completed for each AC-level certification, each manual having 5 speeches, for a total of 10 speeches.

The Advanced Communicator levels are:

  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) requires completion of 2 manuals (10 speeches)
  • Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) requires completion of 2 more manuals (10 speeches)
  • Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) requires completion of 2 more manuals (10 speeches)
The Entertaining Speaker Manual
The Entertaining Speech: Entertain with humor and/or drama from your personal experience (5-7 min)
Resources for Entertainment: Entertain with humor and/or drama from sources other than personal experience (8-10 min)
Make Them Laugh: Prepare a humorous speech drawn from your own experiences and strengthened by adapted material from outside sources (8-10 min)
A Dramatic Talk: Develop an entertaining dramatic talk about an experience or incident, or give a dramatic reading (10-12 min)
Speaking After Dinner: Prepare an entertaining after-dinner topic on a specific theme (13-15 min)
Speaking To Inform Manual
The Speech to Inform: Select, organize and present useful information to motivate your audience to learn (5-7 min)
Resources for Informing: Through researched information, focus your presentation on the audience’s level of knowledge (8-10 min)
The Demonstration Talk: Conduct a demonstration speech to explain a process, product, or activity (10-12 min)
A Fact-Finding Report: Prepare a report on a situation, event or problem of interest to the audience (10-12 min)
The Abstract Concept: Research and organize the thoughts of experts on an abstract concept, theory, historial force or social/political issue (10-12 min)
Public Relations Manual
The Public Relations Speech: Prepare a talk that will build goodwill for your organization (5-7 min)
Resources for Goodwill: Prepare a talk designed to build goodwill toward an organization or your company (8-10 min)
The Persuasive Approach: Persuade your audience to adopt your viewpoint using both fact and emotion (8-10 min)
Speaking Under Fire: Persuade a hostile audience to at least consider your position on a controversial issue (6-8 min for speech, 8-10 for a question and answer session)
The Media Speech: Write a script on behalf of a social cause and present to a general television audience (8 min)
The Discussion Leader Manual
The Seminar Solution: Briefly discuss a topic, then lead a discussion about that topic (20-30 min)
The Round Robin: Use the circular discussion technique to brainstorm a solution to a problem (20-30 min)
Pilot a Panel: Act a moderator for a panel discussion that will inform the audience (30-40 min)
Make It Make Believe (Role Playing): Direct a role playing enactment that will help solve a human relations problem (20-30 min)
The Workshop Leader: Guide workshop participants through an investigative discussion of a problem (30-40 min)
Specialty Speeches Manual
Speak Off the Cuff: Learn how to prepare for an improptu speaking situation (5-7 min)
Uplift the Spirit: Develop a speech style and delivery and moves the audience to adopt your views (8-10 min)
Sell a Product: Learn how to close a sale by using the four steps of sales presentations (10-12 min)
Read Out Loud: Understand the principles of presenting an effective interpretive reading (12-15 min)
Introduce the Speaker: Focus on the special occasion talk from the standpoint of the introducer (13-15 min)
Speeches by Management Manual
The Briefing: Present critical information and then handle a question and answer session (8-10 min for presentation, 5 min for questions and answers)
The Technical Speech: Convert a technical paper or technical material in a technical speech (8-10 min)
Manage and Motivate: Deliver a motivational speech that will persuade an audience to agree with your management proposal (10-12 min)
The Status Report: Organize and prepare a status report according to a four-step pattern (10-12 min)
Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship: Prepare for a confrontation on a controversial management issue (5 min for speech, 10 min for question and answer session)
The Professional Speaker Manual
The Keynote Address: Learn how to meet audience expectations and fit your style to the occasion (15-20 min)
Speaking to Entertain: Use personalized material to entertain and establish rapport (15-20 min)
The Sales Training Speech: Demonstrate to a sales audience the dynamics of successful presentations (15-20 min)
The Professional Speaker: Plan and present a seminar with specific learning objectives (20-40 min)
The Motivational Speech: Deliver a speech that persuades your audience to emotionally commit to an action (15-20 min)
Technical Presentations Manual
The Technical Briefing: Tailor your technical material into a concise presentation (8-10 min)
The Proposal: Prepare a presentation advocating a product, service, idea or course of action, then conduct a question and answer period (8-10 min for presentation, 3-5 min for questions)
The Nontechnical Audience: Communicate complex information to nontechnical listeners (10-12 min)
Presenting a Technical Paper: Deliver an interesting speech based on a technical paper or article (10-12 min)
The Team Technical Presentation: Orchestrate the planning, preparation and delivery of a team technical presentation (20-30 min)
Persuasive Speaking Manual
The Effective Salesperson: Learn a technique for selling an inexpensive product in a retail store (8-12- min)
Conquering the “Cold Call”: Learn a technique for cold call selling of expensive products or services (10-14 min)
The Winning Proposal: Prepare a proposal advocating an idea or course of action (5-7 min)
Addressing the Opposition: Prepare a talk on a controversial subject that persuades an audience to accept or at least consider your viewpoint (7-9 min for speech, 2-5 min for questions and answers)
The Persuasive Leader: Communicate your vision and mission to an audience (6-8 min)
Communicating on Television Manual
Straight Talk: Present your opinion as if it were part of a television broadcast (3 min +- 30 secs)
The Talk Show: Prepare for a televised interview and present a positive image (10 min +- 30 secs)
When You’re the Host: Conduct a successful interview and project a positive image on camera (10 min +- 30 secs)
The Press Conference: Employ appropriate methods and strategies for communicating your organization’s viewpoint (4-6 min for presentation, 8-10 min for questions and answers)
Training on Television: Learn how to develop and present an effective training program on television (5-7 min for presentation, plus 5-7 min for video playback)
Storytelling Manual
The Folk Tale: Tell a folk tale using vivid imagery and voice to enhance the tale (7-9 min)
Let’s Get Personal: Create and tell an original story based on a personal experience (6-8 min)
The Moral of the Story: Create a story that offers a lesson or moral (4-6 min)
The Touching Story: Tell a story that encourages emotional feelings (6-8 min)
Bringing History to Life: Tell a story about an historical event or person (7-9 min)
Interpretive Reading Manual
Read a Story: Learn to present an effective reading by applying vocal techniques (8-10 min)
Interpreting Poetry: Recognize how poets use imagery, rhythm, meter, cadence and rhyme (6-8 min)
The Monodrama: Portray a character’s physical and emotional aspects (5-7 min)
The Play: Portray several characters in one reading (12-15 min)
The Oratorical Speech: Interpret and present a famous speech (10-12 min)
Interpersonal Communication Manual
Conversing with Ease: Identifying techniques to use in conversing with strangers (10-14 min)
The Successful Negotiator: Employ win/win negotiating strategies to achieve your goals (10-14 min)
Diffusing Verbal Criticism: Respond non-defensively to verbal criticism (10-14 min)
The Coach: Coach an individual to improved performance (10-14 min)
Asserting Yourself Effectively: Learn how to address a problem and receive help (10-14 min)
Special Occasion Speeches Manual
Mastering the Toast: Present a toast honoring an occasion or a person (2-3 min)
Speaking in Praise: Prepare a speech praising or honoring someone, either living or dead (5-7 min)
The Roast: Conduct a humorous and positive recognition of a particular person (3-5 min)
Presenting an Award: Present an award with dignity and grace (3-4 min)
Accepting an Award: Accept an award with dignity, grace and sincerity (5-7 min)
Humorously Speaking Manual
Warm Up Your Audience: Prepare a speech that opens with a humorous story (5-7 min)
Leave Them With A Smile: Prepare a serious speech that opens and closes with humorous stories (5-7 min)
Make Them Laugh: Prepare a speech that opens and closes with humorous stories (5-7 min)
Keep Them Laughing: Prepare a speech that opens with a self-deprecating story (5-7 min)
The Humorous Speech: Use exaggeration to tell a humorous story (5-7 min)