Toastmaster role



The Toastmaster of the meeting is it’s overall host, introducing all the items and linking them together.

Prior to the meeting

  • Study the agenda.
  • Decide if there is going to be a special theme for meeting. If there is, publicise it to the members.
  • Contact the Prepared Speakers. Ask for their speech details and some interesting information for you to use when introducing them.
  • Prepare introductions for each speaker.
  • Prepare remarks for the start and end of the meeting, and for between items.
  • Work with the Vice President Education to replace any speakers who cancel.

During the meeting

  • Preside over the meeting with energy and decisiveness. The audience want you to be in charge!
  • Do not miss anything. Items that are particularly easy to miss are:
    • timekeepers reports;
    • requests to fill out comments slips
    • invitations to vote for best speaker, best evaluator, table topics speaker
  • To avoid omissions, tick off each item as the meeting proceeds.
  • Create an atmosphere of interest and expectation for each speaker.
  • When introducing a speaker, it sounds good if the last thing you say is their name – enthusiastically!

LEADING THE APPLAUSE (very important!)

  • After introducing a speaker, lead the applause. Then remain standing and shake hands with the speaker – to signify that control of the meeting is being handed over.
  • When a speaker has finished, lead the applause again. Then stand up and shake hands with the speaker again – to signify that control of the meeting is being returned to you.