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Lewisham Speakers Club Contes

So you’ve decided to enter a Speech Contest!

Congratulations!  You have to be in it to win it,  and we have some great resources to help you become the next Club, Area or District Champion, and who knows they may help you get all the way to the world finals!

Judging Criteria

Find the criteria that the judges will be using to evaluate your contest speech.   The Ballot Sheets, provide guidelines for judges as to how they should evaluate contest speeches.  The criteria varies according to the speech contest objectives.   An invaluable guide for both judges and competitors in their contest preparation.

Rules – are not just for fools!!

Make sure you are eligible to complete in the contest.   Depending on the contest the eligibility rules could be different.

And if that wasn’t enough,  make sure you stay on the right side of all the judges by reviewing the speech contest rule book.   Contest judges especially should ensure that they have a sound understanding of contest rules.

The latest version of the contest rulebook.  Includes the rules for the both the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.



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Toastmasters Wikia – How to run a Successful Speech Contest.

 Contest Resources