Educational Awards in our Club

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Club Education Award History 
our club nr 1246707
2008 Nov to Jul 2011

      Award     Date                  Name         

  • CC        2009 / June/14    Kertesz, Julie
  • CC        2010 / June/30    Jarmyn, Zhana
  • CC        2011 /Jan/04        Green, Richard
  • CC        2011 /Jan/06        Brown, Jim
  • CC        2011 /Apr/20        Hoolahan, Sian
  • CC        2011 /June/16      Woolcott, Katy
  • CL         2010 /Oct/07        Kertesz, Julie
  • CL         2011/March/31     Green, Richard
  • ACB      2010 /June/30      Landergan, Philip
  • ACS      2010 /May/11        Howell, Chris
  • ACS      2011 /May/19         Kertesz, Julie
  • ACS      2011 /June/19        Landergan, Philip 

CC Competent Communicator, our Basic Manual, 10 speeches
CL Competent Leadership, 21 roles in 10 projects
ACB Advanced Communicator BronzeALB Advanced Leader Bronze, two educational speeches and six month on Committee
ACB Advanced Communicator Bronze, Ten more speeches from two 5 projects Manuals on choice
ACS Advanced Communicator Silver, Ten more speeches from two 5 projects Manuals on choice & 2 educational
ACG Advanced Communicator Gold, ten more speeches and a seminar

some of us received our awards at our other clubs
Ex. Julie, the ACB and ALB at Exalibur and Meridian 

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