Exuberance, Entertainment and Excitement – 16th October, 2013

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In 19th century, American Essayist, Poet and Lecturer Ralph W. Emerson said “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.” I don’t know if this was proved wrong or not by our first time guest Dean, Abim, Kirk, Dawn, Tewodaj and Elizabeth who has displayed brilliance on all occasion. For them the fear of public speaking was no way near.
The meeting took a steady start; Richard Green started the meeting with his evergreen style of humour and passion, keeping the energy flowing without any single drop. Three speakers Shernette, Asiimwe and Sholem did a wonderful job. Shernette doing her ICEBREAKER with confidence and what a great way to explain why she turned into a vegetarian. She led us through her daily occasion habits and I’m sure Lewisham club is going to witness another great story teller. Asiimwe rose to the occasion by giving a wonderful story and insight about whey he joined Toastmaster. He allowed us to have a quick glimpse of how Toastmaster has benefited him to become a better presenter and most importantly a better person. Sholem got a typical orthodox style of speaking skills blended witticism and compassion. We love it Sholem, keep coming and keep telling your magical story.

Evaluation role was chaired by Jacqui, Manoj and Lukas. All performed their task very effectively. Jacquie feedback not only explained the shiny things about Shernette speaking skills, but all give some valuable tips to improve future speeches. Lukas enticed the audiences with his punchy evaluation that sync with Sholem speech and I’m sure there are some great takeaways for everyone.

Our table topic master Katy understanding the value of time and audience members, she twisted the opportunity and invited each and everyone to hit the podium. What a speaking finale of 16 members  include some high quality speaking skills exhibited from our guest – Kirk with his New York story, Tewodaj with her best color green and black, Abim Jesus message on Xmas and lastly Dean and Dawn throwing their hats in the ring and shedding all the nervousness.

Timer – Serena, Grammarian – Jason and WarmUp Leader – Julie, all doing their bits and giving a meaningful contribution.

Our General Evaluator Flavia as gracious as she always, she unfolded the feedback session by giving everyone a valuable tips.

Finally there will be always a Winner in Toastmaster Evening – Asiimwe, Jacqui and Teodaj clichéd the evening awards for Best Speakers, Best Evaluator and Table topic award respectively.

Not only the night was ecstatic, but eventful. Three of our Guests – Tewodaj, Kirk and Dawn agreed to join the Club. Well Done.

I’m sure looking forward to see you all on 6thNovember, 2013 same time, same place.

President – Lewisham Speakers

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