Please see our frequently asked questions below:

Q.1. Do I have to join right away?

A. You are welcome to visit our club as often as you wish. Members will answer all your questions and encourage you to make an investment in yourself that you will never regret. When you join Lewisham Speakers Club, your future unfolds supported by our members. Together we succeed supporting each other and achieving new goals.

Q.2. How long will it take me to earn my Competent Communicator award?

We recommend giving at least one prepared speech per month in order to stay sharp as a writer and speaker, but the speed at which this designation is obtained rests solely upon the member. Your specific goals will dictate how quickly this honor is achieved. Please discuss these goals with your mentor and the Vice President of Education, so that the club can help you meet your goals.

Q.3. I hate speaking in public. I get really nervous. Will that ever change?

Absolutely! With regular participation at club meetings and consistent progress in the Toastmaster’s International Educational Program, you can learn to control nervousness and actually use it to improve your performance. You will gain confidence and learn to present in a professional manner.

Q.4. Can I get credit for delivering a speech outside of my club?

Yes. The same rules would apply, including the requirement to have your speech evaluated by a fellow Toastmaster. Please contact the Vice President of Education to ensure that you receive proper credit and further specifics.

Q.5. Do I have to earn a Competent Communicator (CC) before I can work on the Competent Leader (CL)?

No, not at all! Members can concurrently pursue these Toastmasters designations; in fact, delivering prepared speeches actually helps members fulfil the CL project requirements! Please review your manual and contact the Vice President of Education for more information.

Q.6. Do I have to make any commitments as a guest?

A. All guests are welcome to visit us as often as they wish in order to familiarize themselves with the club, and the program. No commitment is necessary, but returning guests will be encouraged to become a member. Membership is the only way to gain access to all the benefits of Toastmasters International programs and resources.

Q.7. Do I have to attend every meeting?

A. It is understood that life situations and career may, from time-to-time, interfere with a member’s commitments. We request that if you cannot attend a meeting, you send regrets to the VP Education and arrange for a replacement if you are responsible for a meeting role.

Q.8. What is my role as a guest? Will I be asked to speak? Is there any charge?

A. A club member will introduce you at the beginning of the meeting and at the end of the meeting you will be given the opportunity to comment if you feel inclined to do so. There is no charge for guests. Sit back and enjoy the meeting.

Q.9 Is there access to convenient vehicle parking?

A. Our meetings are held at the Lewisham Methodist Church and we have plenty of parking across from the main entrance.

Q.10.  What do my club dues pay for?

The club dues pays for all the education manuals/materials you receive when joining the club. Member dues also pay for materials used by club for conducting the weekly meetings, and any special events/contests/promotions by the club. Part of your dues goes to Toastmasters International for conducting the leadership programs, speech contests, district and Area level events, etc. Every year they also conduct an international convention where the World champion of public speaking is selected. You can find additional details on all the programs/events supported by Toastmasters at the www.toastmasters.org .

Toastmasters is an non-profit volunteer organization so all the officers work as volunteer and do not receive any compensation for the same so most of your dues are spent on various programs.

Q.11. I want to order products from Toastmasters International. Do I need a new user ID and password?

The Toastmasters International website requires a different user ID and password than what is used to access your club’s website. If you haven’t already, please click the “New User” link under the login section and set up your account. It will grant you access to a myriad of helpful articles, digital versions of the monthly Toastmasters magazine and much more!

Q.12. Does Toastmasters have a mentoring guide?

A wonderful overview of member mentoring can be found here on the Toastmasters International website. Being a mentor not only helps the new member, but it enriches you as an experienced Toastmaster and benefits the club as a whole!

Q.13. How long should I mentor someone with their speeches?

We suggest that a mentor provide guidance for the first three speeches, however we strongly encourage mentors to keep that relationship going for as long as the member should need assistance. Mentorship should be an on-going relationship that greatly benefits both parties!

Q.14. How can I learn more about the various meeting roles?

As well as the meeting roles section of this site, There is a handy document entitled “A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats” that is available to members in our download section or www.D71.org site. It provides a wonderful summary of all roles and gives specific tips on how to prepare you to fulfil them.

There are also a few documents there that help detail some of the more involved roles, such as Toastmaster, Table Topics and General Evaluator. The Toastmasters International website has a lot of great information to help prepare you for the meeting. Of course, we highly encourage you to also consult with experienced club members and officers, who would be more than happy to help as well!