Feedback, “evaluation” with loving warmth.

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A few weeks ago, a young man visited our Toastmasters Club. He was excited about what he had seen and said “I want to join, I will join next time”. “I want to learn to speak in public, I need to learn it”. We believed him and especially as he asked so much, he was given a Competent Communication Manual in advance before he had paid for his membership and the manuals.

He never returned.

Lewisham Speakers lost a manual that cost money. He, however, lost a lot more. In Toastmasters clubs, each speech gets evaluated and each task gets feedback and that is what helps us to make progress. The loving feedback, the friendly warm words that point out our strengths and weaknesses inform us of how well we have spoken and what we could do to improve Without the feedback, we could not progress as we do. We also have coaches and mentors and we provide a supportive network to assist in each others progress. The young man who left with the manual did not understand all that he would miss. The loss of the manual compared with the loss of the supportive and caring atmosphere of the Toastmasters club – well there is no comparison really.

The fact that we surround each other and give feedback and work closely together has enabled all the speakers to grow and blossom at Toastmasters.

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