First meeting in the new Place

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First meeting in our new location, at the “Crypt” of St. Margaret’s Church in Brandram Road, Lee.

Not only there is a bus station just before the Church, 54 and 108 for me and 89 for others, but also pleanty of parking place in the courtyard and accross it. And pleanty of place to sit and speak.

Tony received a Presidential Award : she found us that great place we are from now on.

Sally was the Toastmaster of the evening, and prepared it excellently, making sure all that took a role were there – and when not, replacing them.

Yes, four speeches are quite a lot, and I over run with the time, but we did have a guest speaker from Tube Talk giving an easy to understand Technical Speech.

Brian, our newest member gave an amusing Icebreaker, without even using notes and making us know him better, too. Eric, won the best speaker award, with a story / speach about Colin the Cabby, interior – or exterior voice trying to discurage him and giving us courage not to listen to negative voices. Philip finished with his speach Faith, good idea in this place, was it not, his Advanced Communicator Silver.

We did finish with this speech our 9th point earning a new rubban for our flag from Toastmasters.
With 8 new members this year, four Competent Communicators, two Advanced Communicators Silver, and dues paid in time, officers declared in time, we are one of first 5 clubs from more then 80 to obtain those points. It is not the point or ruban that count but all the work behind it.

Our Table Topics session was of course about Place, celebrating the new place.

That is not all, we have two new members! Welcome! And three guests, who we hope will be back and decide to join us too, and begun their journey of learning together with us.

Sorry that the time passed so fast, we had then to rush home, this time leaving the place we were sadly, but in two weeks we will be back. We will try to reserve 30 minutes at the end to speak more with each other. So many great people in our club!

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