Good progress in only one month!

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A few instant photos here to remind us of our last meeting on 3rd August. One more step ahead on our Toastmasters journey.

We were in the capable hands of Cheong, Toastmaster of the evening, introducing all with panache.
16 of our club Members attended, 15 with roles and Eric gave us a great Topic Speech.

We had four Visiting Toastmasters: Douglas from Camden was our General Evaluator, Jennifer from Meridian Speakers who likes our meetings and visits us often, Peter, our Area governor, from Purley Speakers, and, even a Toastmaster from China’s TM club, Frederic.

Frederic using the Interpretative reading Manual, gave me an example of how I should have performed that task of reading from a play, playing two different parts! Originally from Norvege, he read from Ibsen’s play ‘People’s Enemy’ with great skill. Between others, from Ibsen “The Public does not need new ideas!” His example persuaded me to repeat my own Manual speech of the same project, and made me understand how it should be done.

We had the biggest number of Guests so far, and two of them, Flavia and Serena joined at the end of the meeting, wonderful! Welcome! Two others expressed interest in joining and will probably do so at the next meeting. The Table Topics Speeches were won by Serena!

More and more of us understand the Power of Personal Storytelling and humour too.

That was demonstrated by Sally skilfully in her no. 4 persuasive speech, she has already a mastery as if she was a lot farther into the Manual, and was charged emotionally, begining with a compelling story.
Ola‘s inspirational speech number ten, was also a story of his personal journey in Toastmasters from Icebreaker to becoming Competent Communicator. It was a story we could remember and be inspired.

Our workshop the 6th July brought up the level of our Evaluations, all feedback were masterful, that of Brian, Chris, Dave and Richard. Chris, Toastmaster with long experience won the best Evaluator award, but all three were great, and not only the speakers but everyone present could learn from it. Brian, one of our newest members, had wonderful connection with the audience. All Evaluators were at their peak!

Here are some pictures from that evening to remember it by. Plus, look at Ola’s video sniped below. We are only one month from beginning, and on a very good track.

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