Great line up to celebrate the new venue

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The 2nd November, Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters club, celebrated moving to a new location, with no less then three Icebreakers: Lucas, Marcella & Stephen J. Added to it the 2nd of Michael‘s speech.
A great way to begin at a new location!

Our Sergeant of Arms, Vivienne, arrived first, fast after it Richard, our VP Membership who also welcomed our guests. They set us everything with the help of Michael who arrived also early, and Julie who got the doors of the courtyard open to welcome those arriving with cars.

Under the firm hands of Katy, Toastmaster of the evening, and Jon, Timekeeper, we begun and ended the meeting in time. (Almost a first for our club.)

That gave us the time, at the end to gather all who are “in” the Personal Storytelling Workshop that we begin in November and will last till March, and determine our main theme “Change” and our next meeting place and time, the 30 of November, Wednesday evening. Every member of Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters club can come.

Marcella, won the “best speech” award with her Icebreaker story about “taking chance”. We heard many compelling stories during the night.

All Icebreakers were strong and we will remember them long time!

Marcella, changed profession to find her passion, Lucas come to England from Ceh Republic spending all his money, hoping to find a job, when he was still a student, that trip, also changed his future life. Stephen gave finally his first speech, after having been for two years in Toastmasters, with lots of humour in it, and also interesting informations, and Michael told us about the differences between buildings in his original country and England.

All four were very well “evaluated” and the feedbacks also taught us how to construct and give our own speeches in future. Philip, speaking most to “all” of us won the “best evaluator” of the evening award.

With a new type of Table Topics, Julie gave the theme “Places” to celebrate our new place. We had exciting speakers and as many instant “feedbacks” too. Manoj won the “Best Table Topic” award. And stepping in, last minute, Zhanna gave us a great General Evaluation finishing with a discussion.

At the end, beside the usual awards, Katy got a special award for her great work through the whole last year, from the time a year ago, when she was the first time Toastmaster of the evening to this November, when she is not only our VP Education, organizing all our Agendas, but she also found us, our new location. She discovered, in that year, that she can and want learn also leadership skills at Toastmasters, beside Communication skills.

We all can learn Communication skills, Leadership skills, and gain more confidence together in our Toastmasters club in Lewisham !

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