Humorous and Table Topics Competition

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Humorous Speech Competitors
Chris H.

A wonderful agenda this Wednesday for the Humorous competition, a competition between giants! We has all fun and can also learned from each if them !

First price: Flavia


After the pause, a Table Topics competition with Serena Nelson and Chris Douce added to the mix :

Chris D
Steve R
Chris H;
At this Table Topics competition each will answer to the same question. It is fun to watch how different the answer can be!
Steve first price. The actual pictures taken at the event will follow soon.
Demo meeting Steve TT
Of course, each of them can sit in the audience only after he or she answered, but we, the others, hear all of them!

All contestants were great and very well prepared – we had lot of fun and even three guests for the evening that begun with difficulty, as another event took place just before our contest on the premises.

But all is well that finishes well. At the end, they even left us with some nibbles to taste! We all had excellent time, too.

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