Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topic Contest in our Club

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 The 21the Septembre our club had another great meeting. Many members and all our new members were present. Katy was the Chair of the Contest night and Chris our Chief Judge.
We had 5 great Humorous Speeches, all participating having won lots of experience, bravo!

Participated: John, Philip, Richard, Zhanna and Richard. As Richard and Julie have already won at their other clubs (Bromley and Meridian Speakers), Zhanna will represent our club in the Area Contest.

Humorous Speech Price
1st Richard  /  2nd Julie  / 3rd Zhanna 

Here Chris our Chief Judge with Zhanna.
 Zhanna gave us a funny speech about how she learned English.

6 Members of Lewisham speakers competed in the Table Topics Contest. 

A Special bravo for our newest members Serena and John, who stood up to participate in it,

John, Serena, Zhanna, Philip, Richard and Zandria here with Katy, and SgArms Eric sitting

Table Topics Price
1st Zandria / 2nd Richard / 3rd Philip

Zandria’s Table Topic Speech was also very funny and
she will represent our club in the Area Contest

Thanks all who helped the Contest, Eric as Sergeant of Arms, Michael as Timekeeper and Flavia and one of our guest from Bromley Speakers as Counters; and all the Judges, some of them as Bromley Speakers President, came from far away. It was a real Team Effort.

Other Pictures, taken at the Contest Chris with Richard who Persistent, won 1st price in all his 3 clubs !

Practice practice practice, Stage time, stage time, stage time : very useful, very productive of success. Great energy and humour too.

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