International Speech & Evaluation Contest – Wednesday 19th March

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This isn’t going to be a long post as I am busy preparing my speech for the contest tomorrow- I know I am a bit of a last minute person!

Fellow Toastmasters might already know this but there are a few things that are helping me at the moment.

  1. I am recording my voice on my phone – I’m over the cringing! It helps me recognise where my energy levels drop.
  2. I am using rhythm to help me memorise phases
  3. I am treating this as a normal club night, thinking more about my message rather than seeing it as a competition or contest.
Please remember even if you are not a contestant you are still taking part – even if you are just in the audience. We need your energy, your laughs and your support.
Good luck and much love to everyone who is taking part in Lewisham Speakers Club International Speech and Evaluation Contest tomorrow!

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