Last day of this Toastmasters year

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A year ago, our Comittee begun to work, for the club. Tomorrow, a new committee will take charge officially, in fact it is already working full spread. It is how it should be done, it is how we have done it.

I, Julie Kertesz, officially Past President from tomorrow, want to thank today, all the wonderful Toastmasters that contributed to our Club success, so that members participating could get the maximum of it.

I am not sure, where to begin, because so much of you was there, each time we needed.

Vivienne, our Hospitality, at the beginning of the year, who has taken up also the role of the Sergeant of Arms when we needed it. So much work, so much to make all seem ‘easy’! We always knew, we can count on her! She will take on now the role of Vice President of Membership, easing the new comers in, and helping members be even more content with our club. And for sure, again, she will be a perfect host and make it seem ‘easy’.

Katy, for a whole year, not only took charge of the agenda, all the roles and all the speeches, making sure all needs are filled and each gets his or her turn to speak when ready to do that, but was also a wonderful Right Hand, of President, stepping in, each time needed, liaison also to the administration of the place we meet now, place she found, and negotiated, exactly when we needed it. The club will be under sure and great hands, as we face the new Toastmaster year under her Presidency. It was a joy to work with her throughout this last year.

Flavia, learned so much and puts so much in her Toastmaster journey. She has now a voice, a song to sing and will also, as Vice President of Public relations give voice to our Club, so more hear us and we hear each other louder and clearer. She for sure will now write, more and more in this blog, who arrived in a year to more then 7500 visits. All of you, help her so our blog and voices become more visible.

Chris, who dreamed up our club, and Philip the club’s first president, where always there for us when we needed them, looking out sometimes from farther, sometimes from nearer what is going on and giving a helpful hand whenever we needed.

Our Toastmasters club would not be the same without the energy of Richard, who will be our next Sergeant of Arms, and opening the place we meet and the meeting. He juggled last year three clubs, with an important role in all, and a great family and an important company. And, also participating in contests and giving a helping hand in our workshop.

I was very proud we could offer the true storytelling worshop, who met each month, with all who desired to come from our club, and where, with Steve R. Richard and me, leading it, all acquired more skills. Our speech marathon proved how much we learned and how all our speech improved. Membership in the Lewisham Speakers Club, offered this year a lot, and it will continue to offer to all the members.

Next year, the club will also sponsor a club that formed, that we will help through chartering, till they reach enough members and get going. This will also lead many of club members to improve their different skills, and get more confidence at the same time.

I could enumerate all our new members or old toastmasters, just want to finish with a great Thank you all! I did lean so much from each of you!

Julie Kertesz

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