Let Them Eat Cake!

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The other day, a colleague of mine told me it was his birthday recently so, as you do, I said;
“oh Happy belated Birthday.”

He said replied;
“it’s not too late to wish me Happy Birthday. It’s still November! I’m celebrating for the rest of the month!”

It made me chuckle and wonder, how many people actually celebrate their Birthday for an entire month? Fellow Toastmasters, is this a common thing?  
All this month long celebration malarkey did make me feel slightly reprieved for the fact that our Club celebrated its 5th Birthday this month and I did not tell the world! So, to rectify, here goes…

Our club was 5 on 19th November (we celebrated on 6th). We celebrated with 4 fabulous speakers each with a common thread of ‘Responsibility’ – responsible driving (me), responsibility to not judge a book by its cover (Jacqui Pennington), responsibility to developing the youth of today (Chris Howell), and the responsibility to start where you are with what you have (Stephen Edun of Meridian Club). What did we have on our Birthday night? Well, we had the pleasure of an address from our founder Chris Howell. Also joining us was the last 2 generations of club presidents Julie Kertesz, Katy Woolcott. As you can see, we also had cake!

Our Club founder and Presidents of past and present 
L-R Katy Woolcott, Julie Kertesz, Chris Howell, Manoj Sivaraman 

Happy Birthday for the rest of November, Lewisham Toastmasters!

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