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1 June 2012

On Friday lunchtime, seven members of Lewisham Speakers took public speaking to the Young Employee Network in Lewisham Council.   Our aim was to give them tips for effective public speaking. 

Our President, Julie opened the session explaining the essence of Toastmasters and introducing her team members.  Katy, as Toastmaster for the demo meeting co-ordinated the event and in her usual efficient manner ensured that the demo meeting ran smoothly.   The team gave the young association an insight into a Toastmaster meeting.   Flavia, as warm-up leader  gave the group their initial opportunity to speak in “public”.  Stephen followed with a tip, showing the importance of initial impressions in presentations.  Julie gave a three part  speech highlighting the impact of the “pause”,” being yourself” and “loving the audience”.  Vivienne, in her usual calm manner,  evaluated Julie’s speech showing the benefit of instant feedback.  After a short break the everyone in the group volunteered to take part in the Table topics session, led by Steve.  What an exciting session, the group threw caution to the wind and took part wholeheartedly in what turned out to be a very enjoyable, light-hearted and fun session.   Chris, masterfully evaluated each speaker who took part in the Table Topics and they benefitted from the experience of instant feedback on how well they spoke.

The experience was twofold – the Young Employees Network gained tips and new techniques for speaking and evaluating and are now aware of the benefits of becoming a Toastmaster.  The Lewisham Speakers team, made up of varying experience ranging from 22 years to 10 months, gained confidence in taking Toastmasters out into the local community.

Many of young Lewisham Council group expressed an interest in visiting Lewisham Speakers and we look forward to their visit.

Here is from the email received after our Session from Jon the organizer :

Thank you very much for coming to deliver the public speaking session with the Lewisham Young Employee Network today.

We really appreciate everyone giving up their time to deliver the session and the feedback that I have received from my colleagues has been very positive. As discussed I will go away and speak to the other staff forums about the option of setting up a club at the Council. As you explained if we did go down this route it would be a gradual expansion.

I would love to improve my public speaking. I would like to come and attend a Lewisham Speakers Club meeting soon.

Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to your fellow members and thanks again for an excellent, well delivered and engaging session.

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