Next Storytelling meeting 14th December

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We had a great first workshop, about Personal storytelling, yesterday, the 30th November.
All present participated and told stories. Steve told us about “why” and the importance to tell personal stories to establish communication,

Then we all told a 2 minute story on the theme “First time”

At the end, Julie spoke about how we find by digging deep down and far too, memory that want us to be crafted into a story we want most to tell, now.

And we all discussed briefly about the ingredients of a story. Place, character, conflict or roadblock, realisation, lesson learned and resolution.

Does this picture evoke in you something?

Next time, we will meet in two weeks, the 14th of December evening.

Homework: find your Crossroads of life, put them on a paper, Road taken and Road not taken, Life changed or diverted. From time to time, you will be able to come back and see which story grabs you and asks to be told.

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