Ola, Competent Communicator

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“Benefits of joining this club for me”

At our 3rd of August meeting, Ola gave us a very inspirational speech; the story of his road toward Toastmasters, including his ups and downs till he arrived to become Competent Communicator. With his Number 10 Competent Communicator speech for Toastmaster, he inspired guests and all of us.

Ola did make a stunning progress along the way and also demonstrated it to us throughout his very inspiring and also funny speech.

Looking at a vidéo 2nd 3rd 5th time, each time I discover something new.

Not only his story is compleling, his movements are great in accordance with it, his stance sure and grounded. Willing to show himself vulnerable, he made us more dear to all of us, and speaking of some of his old manerism made us laugh and imagine in our mind’s eye what he told us.

In all, his speech and delivery gave courage to all, to begin or to continue on our Toastmasters journey.

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