Our new Toastmaster Year, begins 1st July

The 1st of July our club will have a new president, Julie, we change it every July, so all of us can learn Leadership skills.

Our ‘new year’ will begin with a special two hour Workshop, at 6th July, a joint event with the Meridian Speakers club from Greenwich.

It will be held at the Spanish Gallien Pub, 48 Greenwich Curch St, vis-a-vis Cuty Shark.

Freddie Daniells hold already this popular Workshop on Evaluation (how to give a Great Feedback) 15 times and the prove of its usefulness is on this photo.

Julie was present as “Target speaker” of one of his last’s workhops at Citicriers Toastmasters and promplty won, back in our Club the Best Evaluation Award of the evening.

As all the members of the Area Clubs were invited to our 6th July workshop, the places fill in fast. Add a comment here, with your name and email, or write to Julie to reserve a place. Be with us!

Learn how to give a great feedback that helps the speaker grow while making him or her feel good, and also teaches all the group attending new skills. Then, come and practice.

Our second Manual all members get is Competent Leadership. As we take on different roles in the meetings, all of us get evaluated, and plus, with each task, we can have a written evaluation in this manual and with time get more and more competent in different leadership roles and tasks.

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