Richard about our meeting, on 21 March

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Eyes down and look in to the high drama at Lewisham speakers night Wednesday
21th March 2012, I pull no punches and shoot from the hip.
It all kicked off with our stand in Seargeant at Arms Katy who opened the meeting sharp at 7.30 even though there were last minute changes and no shows throwing an almighty spanner in the works, the meeting was opened.
This was it folks. Katy quickly passed us over to our warm and wonderful President Julie who welcomed our guests and encouraged us all to take part.
Julie wasting no time and introduced our Toastmaster for the evening Mr. Ola  who led us all on a Olympian journey. He had prepared, rehearsed and recited his Toastmaster role and boy oh boy Ola did us proud. Bringing in the Olympics theme and introducing everyone with an Olympian style introduction.
Our timer Dee was not having any nonsense and explained that time was sooooo important in public speaking and the bell would be used. We were warned!!!.
Our Ahhhhh  Counter was Arnold a new member who carefully explained that ahhs and ums are all recorded. Sadly there was no hot tipster tonight. But we were warmed up by. Windy who gave us a posing question which kept our vocals vollying and our laryinx leaping. He also was our Grammarian, multitasking and taking the role in the last minute.
Our first speaker was Chris who delivered his Icebreaker. It was a brave and brilliant start delivered with passion and from the heart. Chris touched us all with his secrets and picked up the Speaker of the night acholade. Well done Chris!!

Second Speaker of the night was Lucas who told us a fascinating story about how important it was to sleep. We certainly wanted to know more and were all hooked. An interesting subject well delivered. Well done that man!!!!

Our third and final speaker was the wonderful storyteller Flavia who took us on a journey back to school days. We were intrigued and intoxicated with her storytelling. Flavia left us with a great parental message. Great speech that we all enjoyed !!
Evaluating Chris was Philip who lifted encouraged and warmly spoke of Chris being the Champion he is for baring his soul to all. 

Great evaluation Philip who was rewarded with best evaluator of the night.

Evaluating Lucas was the multi tasking multi talented Katy. She told us how much she enjoyed Lucas’s speech and gave very accurate recommendations which we all learned from.
It was a an uplifting and warm evaluation.  Brilliant Katy!!!
The final evaluator was Jon who broke out with gusto and energy lifting Flavia telling her that she was an easy speaker to evaluate because of her brilliance. Jon seemed to tail off quickly but the job was done and Flavia was feeling good. 
Our table topics Master was Jon multitasking that night too, who gave out some challenging questions to guests and Toastmasters around our theme of the day. They were all greeted with enthusiasm an taken well with very good answers to boot!!!

Best evaluator was voted a guest who was invited by Chris D, come back Ruth!

Our General Evaluator was our very own Richard who spoke about the warm and friendly atmosphere at the club. He had so enjoyed listening to all the speakers and gave good recommendations but sadly got carried away with the evening and heard that dreaded bell.ding!!!ding!! ding!!!  
Finally our President Julie delivered a brief about the last Division counsel and changes to come at the same time, completing another speech from her Advanced Series Manuals. The lady ceases to amaze and an inspiration to us all.
What a night of fun and education.
It was AWESOME!!!! and I am so looking forward to the next.
The Toastmaster Journey continues.
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