Risky Business

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Bet you can’t guess what jumping out of a plane, acknowledging why pencils have erasers and funny bones have in common?! They were the topics of the speeches we heard at our last toastmasters meeting. The other not so obvious commonality is that all three speeches were in their own way, encouraging us to take some sort of ‘risk’.

Our first speech was from Jacqui who in her 2ndspeech told us how she spent her university book money on skydiving lessons. The vivid imagery of her jump out of a plane as her life flashed before her, is not a risk I would personally want to take!

In our next speech (also his second speech) John, suggested a risk which was more much more palatable than skydiving- if you make a mistake, take the risk and own up. Thereafter, apologize, try to rectify and learn from your mistake.

Our Third speech made us think about the risk of standing in front of an audience, sharing something funny, but then no one laughing at your jokes. Our experienced Toastmaster Julie helped us to understand and demonstrated how life’s everyday happenings can be used as humorous material which becomes more effective i.e more funny, when you build on the content with more truth.  Julie’s educational speech won the speech of the night. 

Karolis won the best evaluation of the evening for his lively appraisal of Jacqui’s speech.

We had lots of guests this evening which added a different dimension to our meeting and was a pleasure for me popping my Toastmaster-of-the-evening cherry! Our guests, Angelo, Mounita, Nadine, Tanya and Tedodaj all took risks. Not only by stepping foot into our club, but by partaking in the Table Topics session. They did extremely well, all displaying the raw potential of becoming great speakers.

If our guests can take risks so can you! Don’t erase the thought of becoming a great public speaker. Take the plunge, come to Lewisham Speakers club. Be part of a growing international organisation. Joining toastmasters is a risk worth taking.

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