Say “Hi!” to a guest

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One of the blogs I would recommend, to read, but even best, inscribe to it, of course, other than this one is Speak and Deliver.Today, in the post “Toasty Resolutions for New Year, it begins with one of the most important ones perhaps: “1sr. resolution: Say ‘Hi’ to a guest, and actually chat with them. Some of us are great at this, others just sit back and don’t interact at all. If you’re the latter, step up!

I would add : say ‘Hi’ with a great smile and an open, welcoming body gesture. How you look at him is even more important then what you say.

If you do not have time after you did welcome him or her, have another duty before the meeting, go with the guest and present it to another toastmaster “available” to chat, explain, and even more important, make feel welcome.

This can make a difference, not only in aquiring a new member for the club, but offering a new life to the guest in the future, and also could make a new good pal for you! So, even in your own life!

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