Stand Up Comedy Showcase

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Our President Julie and I appeared at a Stand Up Comedy Showcase in Brixton on Sunday 30th October after attending a Stand Up Comedy Course delivered by David Jones, a Toastmaster from the Excalibur Club and stand up comedian.

The course was a fantastic opportunity to learn about humour and stand up comedy. David Jones was professional in his training and kept giving us plenty of encouragement to conclude the course by appearing on a showcase gig. Julie had the audience rocking in the aisles with laughter so loud it could be heard in Lewisham. There was a packed house, approximately 100 people, waiting to be entertained and the energy was electric.

At the end of the evening all the students in the showcase were buzzing and many of us could not get to sleep until the early hours of the morning. It  was a fantastic experience, although slightly nerve- racking to say the least, and my learning curve almost snapped in half. I would recommend anyone to attend the course or get involved in standup comedy if they wish to accelerate their public speaking and presentation skills.


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