Staycations and Herding Cats – 16 July 2014

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On Wednesday evening we had another great meeting when Richard was our dynamic and enthusiastic Toastmaster as challenged us to move out of our comfort zones though for him the challenge was to move less! Jason was the Grammarian at very short notice but was not really flummoxed about his word of the day, flummoxed though at least one other person was un flummoxed, and Anna our timekeeper encouraged us to keep our speeches between the time limits as he enlisted Richards help to display the timing goalposts and reminded us that the margin for error is only 30 seconds.
Then Jenny gave us her number 4 speech, espousing the advantages of a staycation since you don’t need a holiday to recover from the holiday and cited two occasions, when due to bad weather the plane was diverted from Heathrow to another local airport Paris, and the family holiday to the South of France in the family estate car or as it was called the bus, and some very memorable stops that resulted in an impromptu shower for her younger sister, great advice and well delivered.

Then Chris H gave us a keynote speech Herding Cats and Flocking Birds about managing teams, that can’t be composed of lone predatory cats stalking birds but flocks of birds that look after each other by confusing the cats, and the three basic rules of flocking  or teams are to fly, stay together and avoid hitting each other.  The extended rules included ensuring that only the correct people are on the bus and that everyone is listened too, all supported from personal experience and the time just flew by.
Vivienne then evaluated and encouraged Anna and I certainly missed the goal as regards time when evaluating Chris’s key note speech, though all I can say in my defence is that there was much to learn from.
After the break, Katy lead the Table Topics session and I gave a response to issue of women in politics, the cabinet reshuffle has changed their under representation, Richard felt that Germany had won the World Cup by being a real team or flock linking back to Chris’s presentation, Anna looking forward hopes that she won’t have had another 10 jobs in five years but be in the West Country and most importantly be happy, Judith a very welcome guest rose admirably to the challenge about which age she would like to be again, a student at University, though her current life is very good, Lukas’s favourite tourist attraction is the Houses of Parliament including seeing them at work if possible and finally Chris D selling the task of selling the virtues of living next to a power plant reminded us how beauty can be found on the beach by Dungeness and if the house were to catch the fire brigade would arrive quickly. 
Chris H then gave encouraging feed back to us all, though he was called upon to take on the role at very short notice. Finally, Katy gave all the team encouraging feedback before Richard handed back to Jason who closed the meeting.
Our next meeting will be on 6 August and if you would like a role or to speak please contact me on when we have another great meeting that should not be missed and thank you to everyone that makes our Club so Special. Why you might ask because of the great team we are and together we can ensure each of us becomes the great Communicator and Leader within us.

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