Steve’s “Dull it isn’t”

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Steve at Canal Cafee Theatre-1 by Julie70
Steve’s story about the beginning of his career let us all forget everything, we were all in his story about when he was 20 and 21 years old. His story suddenly become ‘today’s news’ after the bravery of police in last days riots.

He is one of our newest member in Lewisham Speakers, but a very experienced Toastmaster who has been a member of other clubs, and it does show.

He is also telling his stories all over South East  England all from 30 to 60 minutes!

This photo was made when he told the same story at the Canal Cafe Theatre, London. I feel, he already improved even on that!

We can all learn from him. Steve is also co author of his blog.

Steve will be our new Vice President of Membership. He does like people and relating to them, and has lots of Toasmaster experience, we are happy to have him.

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