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Storytelling is the sinewy strength of your ability to Speak & Deliver.

Our lives are full of stories, from the ones we read, watch, and listen to to the stories we live everyday.

Stories provide the muscle, skin, hair, and even the makeup on the skeleton of our speech structure. It’s one thing to have a great point to share with your audience, but stories turn your points into messages, and messages drive your point into the heart of your audience.

Storytelling comes easier to some than others, just like most other talents, from math to music. But just like I eventually pumped up my mental muscles enough to balance an equation and play Mary had a Lamb on my recorder, people with Storytelling Challenges can learn the basics of creating a compelling yarn.

If you’re just telling your audience your thoughts, you are lecturing. When you anchor your thoughts in actual events you move to teaching. When those events become emotional and visceral, you graduate to persuasion – transforming you into an effective speaker who moves audiences.

Improving your stories will improve your speaking without you even knowing it.

When you tell emotion-filled tales, your voice naturally changes, and gestures begin to flow from you subconsciously. Allow yourself to get caught up in the moment enough to keep your audience in the moment. They will stick together very long with the emotional muscles anchoring them in the minds of your audience.

From the blog Speak and Deliver, worth reading day by day!

Soon, we will begin a Personal Storytelling Workshop in our club, End October to February. Details to be announced in our 19th October meeting

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