Storytelling Workshop 11.1.2012

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What a high octane workshop we had, so much fun, energy and learning.
The two main aspects covered were the importance of body language and the voice.

Richard in his usual enthusiastic style discussed the importance of body language, which culminated with the attendees participating in an exercise. They demonstrated the appropriate skills whilst reading a short passage written by Richard about nearly receiving the cane. I can still see and hear the images described so elegantly and realistically.

Steve facilitated a session about the voice where the attendees stated and discussed the important aspects of the voice in storytelling. This was followed by an exercise which involved them delivering a very short speech in their usual style and then changing to characters such as a sergeant major and game show host. So much fun and experiential learning.

Everyone taken way out of their comfort zone. Katy and Flavia were really fearsome as sergeant majors. Chris and Marcella were very intelligent and articulate as professors, whilst Windy and Manoj looked as if they had been on the TV for years as they performed being game show hosts. The exercise clearly demonstrated the importance and impact how your internal thoughts effect your voice and body language.

Useful mnemonic for remembering different aspects of the voice and vocal variety is PAPER TV:

P ause
A rticulation
P itch
E nuciation
R ate

T imbre (quality)
V olume

The above skills enable us to enrich our stories and speeches with more colour and realism by keeping the audience actively engaged and creating the appropriate images in their minds. The audience become actively engaged following the story. 


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