Tall Tale Contest! a Fun evening

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For those of you who couldn’t make the Tall tales contest evening on Wednesday 26th June, you missed a treat. Our visitors described the evening as a ‘pleasant’, ‘enjoyable’, ‘interesting ‘, ‘theatre-like’ experience and boy was it exactly that!
Our very own multi-talented Flavia chaired the contest which took us on a journey around the world. We stopped in Paris and heard an empowering story from Julie of a 3 year old child having the power to transform an old lady’s view on life. Enabling this fearful vision of wisdom to grow in confidence and take risks.
The ‘risk taking’ message spread to Manoj, who urged us to take risks and open our spam emails, for we never know how rich it could make us. He is now rich enough to drive a Mercedes and take us all on holiday!
Obviously Chris has already been opening his spam email and reaping the rewards as he can afford to travel to many places including Korea where he managed to create a ‘domino effect of chaos’. Don’t worry, he assured us that no real animals were hurt in the process of him trying to catch his flight. But where was he trying to catch a flight to?
Chris is lucky he didn’t get stopped in customs carrying ‘Sterium’, which Peter passionately informed us was a powerful, expensive substance that everybody wants and that can take the form of anything. It was so potent it killed Peter in the end (well, only for a split second). I wonder if Sterium could Kill Serena‘s horrid ‘Jamaican Mosquitoes’? In fact, thinking logically, it might have been Sterium that was in her ‘Mus kill’ formula. It’s a pity the formula wasn’t discovered in time to exterminate  the massive mosquito that flew from Jamaica to London, Northolt to be exact  and  ended up in Gordon ‘lamsey’s’ aka Richards, Champagne! It was his 25th wedding anniversary and him and the wife had a chauffeur driven Hummer at their disposal. Stands to reason they probably wolfed down so much Champagne at Mr. Lee’s restaurant that neither of them would have even noticed swallowing the deadly mosquito! Between you and me, I think maybe the mosquito was the real reason the Chinese and champers were free because anyone with sense could never mistake Richard for Gordon Ramsey after all Gordon has way massive feet! Anyway, in my mind Richard should have done something more personal for his wife like bake her a cake because according to our winning speaker Kieran Porter from Corinthians toastmasters club, a good Cake can help repair relationships. Ones that are 25 years old, even ones tainted by world wars and politics! In essence, cakes can save the world! We voted with our stomachs in favour of this notion!
Second and third prize went to our resident, non-swearing Gordon Ramsey look alike  (Richard) and Sterium fanatic Peter respectively but all of our speakers did tremendously well and even our guests stood up in front of the big soft cuddly audience which is Lewisham Toastmasters. Were they corralled? No! Did they need Umbrellas? No! They just felt comfortable and supported. That,  as the youngsters say is ‘how we do’ here at Lewisham Toastmasters. So why don’t you allow us to help you perfect how you do – starting next week! If you are already perfect, just come along to hear for yourself what the hell I’m talking about!
Hope to see you on the 1st Wednesday of the month.
Speak soon!
Lucinda Gray
Vice President – Public Relations

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