Toastmaster through the eyes of a guest

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Lewisham Speakers 3rd Aug 11-02 by Julie70
Flavia with our VPE Katy near her

I attended my first Toastmaster session last Wednesday 3 August.

I learned about Toastmaster through a friend of mine who attended a few years ago and spoke very highly of the society and the benefits he had received from being a member. That conversation took place a few weeks ago, but I just sat on it, as one does sometimes.

I suppose I needed time for the suggestion to seep into my brain!

I have an interest in public speaking and want to improve my ability to speak, so that I get to the point where I am able to speak confidently without notes.

I contacted Julie to get more details about Toastmasters and after an encouraging conversation, I decided to attend the next event. I was very pleasantly surprised by the welcome and I felt the general atmosphere to be warm.

Cheong, Toastmaster of the Evening, introduced himself and even invited me to speak! However, I sat on the fence and shivered in my seat after each speaker finished their speech, hoping that they would run out of time so that I would not have to say anything – there was insufficient time for me – I breathed again.

I was impressed with everyone who spoke and in particular Sally and Ola and to learn that Sally was only on her 4th speech in the programme – well it definitely made me want to join Toastmasters. My aspiration is to eventually to speak as fluently as Sally and Ola.

Flavia, now member of Toastmasters

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