Toastmasters Division H Council

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A Toastmasters Speakers Club has 20 or more members. Lead by its committee elected, changed each July. Four – six clubs are helped by an Area Governor and the Areas also held contests, after each club has chosen. A few areas are reunited in a Division (actually we are part of H South East England) London is Division B (and soon will also split in three as they are more and more clubs in it.

The Divisions form a District. England and Ireland form the 71th district now. It took me my first District Conference in York, to understand all this and see its importance.

Toastmasters from Div. H Council at Reigate-7Saturday morning, I assisted, as the president of Lewisham Speakers Club, to the Division H council held in Reigate. The meeting was opened by Richard Murray, former president of Bromley Speakers, and actual Division H Governor.

We discussed the “reformation scenarios” so clearly explained by Nick Benning. As our district grow to big, (more then 200 clubs!) we will have to split in two. At least 100 clubs has to be in each District. The idea is great, how to divide is less. We have been shown three different scenarios, none of which pleases all. I will give a brief description next Wednesday of each possibility. We had even a Skype conference, Q&A with members far away!

div HArea 35Division changes are called “Realignment” and were explained very clearly by Jacqui Hogan.

For our club, now in Area 35, the most important part is that it seems, (it has to be voted first) that we will be part from July on from the East South London new Division, and our area, grown also too big, will divide in two. Of course, those are propositions and have to be voted yet, too.

Lots of new things to do and perspectives for each of us living, working in London!

The meeting continued as each Area Governor spoke of the clubs, and their health and the upcoming contests. It was also a joy to meet with so many known faces. And speak as much as time permitted. Our Area and Club are in very good way!


Our club’s International Speech Contest (and Evaluation Contest) will be held the 4th of April. The Area Contest will be also held in our club’s local the third Saturday of April. Lots to do to prepare them!

First, we will have a great meeting next Wednesday, please all be there! We have many great prepared speeches, many have taken important and sometimes new roles and Ola will be our very able Toastmaster of the evening.

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