Tough times

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Dancing despite the rain, detail by Julie70

Remember: what happened when the going went tough, give the best speeches, stories and also,

the best photos too, as here, as this girl dancing in the rain and not stopping!

When all goes well, not much to tell.

When all seems to darken, suddenly the rain fell on your shoulders, what did you do?

Tell us about those times, how you got out of it, what you learned through it, and how you came out with your head up like this girl did dispite the rain.

Dancing in the rain is not easy.
Surviving difficulty can teach others.

We will be all interested to learn, how you did it.

Next Storytelling workshop will be about Audience, their reaction and yours to them, the energy between and how to forget yourself in the moment when speaking, dancing, performing. Be all in it.

Please prepare your tale of “change” for the 7th of February meeting of Lewisham True Tales Workshop.

Ask yourself again:
1 what perspective can you offer?
2 what adversity have you overcome?

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