What’s your dream

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

“What’s your dream?” What a great question to start the night! Oz, one of our newest members broke his Toastmasters ice by entertaining us with a story of how he pursued his dream. To say he lit up the room is an understatement, as his speech had quotes, humour and a happy ending. Not a bad start for a newcomer!

How do you follow that, the audience wondered. The only way is to introduce the one and only Pat Pottinger, our inspirational angel. Pat was giving her Pathways feedback speech and boy, did she take the feedback on board. Such a great message delivered so softly yet powerfully. This lady is destined for some truly big audiences!

Our surprise speaker on the night was another new member Natalie. Slightly off the standard toastmasters script, Natalie did a practice run of a tribute she’d be delivering on behalf of her dear aunt who recently passed away. She delivered a tough message very well and we wish her peace and love on the funeral day.

Mark showing the body speaks

One of the most important, intriguing and interesting parts of a Lewisham Speakers night is what evaluators say in respond to the speeches. We were blessed with three top evaluations by some of Lewisham’s big hitters (in speaking terms). Mark, Flavia and Philip gave some of the best evaluations we’ve heard in a while and all the speakers went home with some great tips to reflect on and employ next time.

So after a well earned coffee and cake break, it was fun time with table topics. Impromptu speaking at it’s finest. Hubert was our topics master of the night and as expected from Hubert, he had a topic that made us all think. The theme was based on being 80 years old (we had an 85 year old in the audience and she was over the moon to gain five years back!)

Our six guests on the night joined in the 80’s fun and some of them gave their debut Lewisham Speakers speech. I think we have a few stars of the making for sure.

Julie with open arms and open heart

Special thanks to Aiysha, Samantha, Samir, Fay, Patricia for paying us a visit and taking part in the fun.
Well done also to Julie and Natalie for keeping an ear and an eye on our grammar and timekeeping. Two vital roles that were very well managed indeed.

So the final surprise of the night was an impromptu visit from Susan Rayner the Area Governor. Although this was her first visit, Susan made herself at home and treated us to a inspiring and informative general evaluation of the night. Note to self: “We’ll have to implement the recommendations in time for her official visit next month!”

Phil in full control

But hold on a minute, how did the evening go so smoothly and successfully. It was because of out awesome Toastmaster for the evening Phil. He did a great job of organising, guiding and saying just enough to keep the evening on track and enjoyable. It is great to see Phil stepping more into the forefront of Lewisham Speakers. Great job Phil!

Looking back now, I can say we had a great evening. We learnt something new, we had a good laugh and most of all we all took part. We began the night with a dream from Oz and we ended it with smiles all round.

Looking forward to our next meeting on 19th already!

Keep on speaking!